Timothy Binkley

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  • School of Visual Arts


  • SIGGRAPH 1991

    Timothy Binkley is chair of the M.F.A. Program in Computer Art and Director of the Institute for Computers in the Arts at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Having received a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Texas, one of Dr. Binkley’s primary philosophical concerns centers around the questions raised by the use of computers in making art, and he has written numerous papers on this subject. Dr. Binkley is in the process of completing a book/software package titled “Symmetry Studio” to be published in December 1991 by Van Nostrand Reinhold. He is also working on a book about virtual reality. Dr. Binkley has created a number of interactive computer art installations, and has also created several software pack- ages that put powerful mathematical tools in the hands of those with little or no technical training. Through the InterComm project at the Institute for Computers in the Arts, he has also worked on the development of real- time interactive telecommunications art projects that connect artists in different locations who work together to produce collaborative works. Dr. Binkley is currently the chair of the New York City chapter of ACM/SIGGRAPH.

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