“Future Directions of Visualization Software Environments” Moderated by Craig Upson

  • ©Bob Brown, Scott Dyer, David Kamins, and John Rasure



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    Future Directions of Visualization Software Environments



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    Several systems have been developed around the concepts of: applying visual languages to visualization application- building; decomposing a visualization application into separable processes (such as data analysis, geometric representation, and rendering); and finally, creating a realtime development environment where applications are created interactively. These systems have given rise to disposable applications by utilizing reusable repositories of visualization and graphics algorithms. These techniques can be connected in a visual manner to create problem-targeted applications with a short lifetime, which dramatically reduces the time devoted to problem solving.
    Because of their focus, these systems blur the distinction between program visualization (the process of dynamically viewing the execution ordering of a pro- gram), visualization programming ( creating visualization applications utilizing graphics libraries), and visualization prototyping (building visualization applications interactively). This panel focuses on the future directions of such systems and includes discussions on the systems-oriented components, new data analysis and visualization representation styles, and the user interface subsystem.

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