“Future Directions in Graphics Research” by Hodgins, Foley, Hanrahan and Greenberg

  • ©Jessica K. Hodgins, James (Jim) D. Foley, Patrick (Pat) Hanrahan, and Donald P. Greenberg



Entry Number: 01


    Future Directions in Graphics Research



    Over the past two decades or more, advances in processing power, parallelization, bandwidth, storage, and computer architectures have radically changed computing environments. This exponential growth suggests that now is the time to rethink our graphics algorithms. More recently, with the introduction of touch-panel displays and the availability of large-area screens, new user interfaces are being implemented on a variety of devices. And graphical tools for input and display are being adopted in many disciplines, revealing exciting new opportunities for graphics research. The boundaries of computer graphics are expanding, becoming blurrier, and enlarging the scope of graphics technologies. 

    This panel presents the results of an NSF-funded workshop on defining broader, fundamental long-term research areas for potential funding opportunities in medical imaging and device design, manufacturing, computational photography, scientific visualization, and many other emerging areas in graphics research.


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