“Virtually Yours” by Elson

  • ©Matt Elson



    Virtually Yours





    A slice of life in virtual reality.


    HARDWARE: Symbolics XL 1200 NTSC/HDTV systems


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: All animation created entirely on Symbolics XL Animation Series Computers using PaintAnim Software. Boolean Modeling Software by Charybda

Additional Contributors:

    Art Direction: Matt Elson, Dean Foster
    Character Modeling and Animation: Matt Elson
    Environments and Lighting: Craig Reynolds
    Written by: Matt Elson, Scott Nyegaard
    Story by: Scott Nyegaard
    Music Composed and Performed by: Haze Greenfield
    Technical Supervisor: Marc Scaparro
    Lip Sync and Voice Analysis: Larry Stead
    Assistant Animator: Edward Quirk
    Graphics Support: Andrea Lackey
    Intern: Al Arthur
    Hardware Support: Charlie Bergen
    High Definition Video and Film Transfer: Courtesy of SONY High Definition Facilities
    SONY HDDF-500
    SONY HOD-1000
    SONY Electron Beam Recorder V-LAN Compatible Animation Controllers
    Courtesy of Videomedia Inc. Also sponsored by: Nihin Symbolics
    Cast: Lotta Desire – Natalie Alixander Arturo – as himself
    Dedicated to Carol Chiani
    A generous spirit knows no bounds.
    Special Thanks: Symbolics Inc., Bruce McDonald, Jack Walker, Jay Sloat