“Computer Graphics: More Unsolved Problems” Moderated by Franklin (Frank) C. Crow and Steven K. Feiner

  • ©Alan H. Barr, Frederick (Fred) P. Brooks Jr., Stuart Card, James H. Clark, A. Robin Forrest, Patrick (Pat) Hanrahan, and Andries (Andy) van Dam

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    Where is computer graphics heading? ‘Twenty-five years ago, Ivan Sutherland wrote a paper that sketched 10 unsolved problems in the emerging field of interactive computer graphics. This panel reviews our successes in addressing those 32 problems and explores other current unsolved research problems, the impact of solving them, and some possible directions for solutions.
    The problems include: managing complexity in rendering, modeling, and interaction; solving the rendering equation; interactively constructing constrained 3D models; achieving geometric robustness; designing a new graphics standard; developing efficient general- purpose graphics architectures; and automating the design of rich graphical environments.

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