“Computer Graphics: Whence and Hence” by Potts

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    Computer Graphics: Whence and Hence



    One of the most important, far-reaching, sophisticated, and glamorous endeavors of the computer field is computer graphics. It reaches into the major computer areas of input, output, programming and debugging. It can be useful to every discipline that employs to advantage the computer. From whence came this powerful tool? What is is? What is its future? Answers to these questions are included in the scope of this article. It divides computer graphics into two main divisions – passive and interactive. The passive division includes microfilm recorders, ink pen recorders, plotters, and printers. Under the interactive division are grouped computer animation and computer-generated movies. This survey article considers the history of all the major groups of computer graphics: a discussion of the typical hardware of each; and a section on computer-aided design as well as one on computer graphics professional groups and societies, In the appendicies are a comprehensive glossary of computer graphics terminology and a bibliography of over 650 items.

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