Stephan Meyers

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  • Chicago, Illinois, United States of America



  • I graduated from the Chicago Academy for the Arts as a theater major in 1984, and have three degrees

    BA Math/Computer Science 1988(UIC)
    MFA Studio Art 1991(electronic visualization laboratory)
    AA Dance 2004(SMC)

    I have 38 years of experience programming. I mostly specialize in Ruby on Rails, but also dabble in iOS and can learn anything else.

    In addition, I have a rich interdisciplinary background, including

    3d printing
    mobile technology
    web design
    usability and security
    computer graphics, design and programming
    intellectual property and digital rights theory and practice

    I made art with a group called (art)n laboratory for over 10 years. During that time, we showed work on all seven continents, including antarctica, and created permanent installations in places like the Smithsonian Institution

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