Jerry D. Threet: What is Love?

  • ©1995, Jerry D. Threet



    What is Love?


Creation Year:



    11 x 7.5 inches


Artist Statement:

    As I have been on a spiritual search during the last few years, any work tends to deal with spiritual matters. Since I began this search unconsciously, starting as a scientific, rational, skeptic, this path has not been an easy one. It has opened my eyes to the enormous light and darkness present within myself and the world. The world is indeed enchanted, but this enchantment is as often from the darkness as from the light. Nevertheless, I believe that today, in our late capitalist, consumer society, this search for the spiritual has become perhaps the most important, most difficult and the most rewarding task of art. Perhaps paradoxically, the cyberarts provide unique capabilities to artist engaged in this search. Technology is providing tools which can allow us to explore our inner spiritual worlds and create shared spirituality; or can allow us to destroy that spirituality entirely. I chose to create the spiritual.

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