Harvey Goldman: Blue eyes in the Land of Forgotten Moisture

  • ©1995, Harvey Goldman



    Blue eyes in the Land of Forgotten Moisture


Creation Year:



    Iris print


    11.5 x 7.5 inches


Artist Statement:

    Blue Eyes in the Land of Forgotten Moisture is a piece from a larger body of work untitled, The Magic Potter Series. The dominant theme in this series is a self referential romantic reflection back to an earlier pre-electronic life. The artist is searching for the threads of his past life as a potter and sculptor. The vessels in these images function as metaphors for life containing forms. The setting is an environment consisting of pure light, creating a meditative transcendent ambiance. The figure is in a state of discovery, exaltation and sometimes anguish. The images in The Magic Potter Series are an attempt to integrate the warmth and magic of the old with that of the technological, elusive and new.