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  • SIGGRAPH 1996

    Wim Sweldens is a researcher at the Mathematics Center of Lucent Technologies (formerly AT&T) Bell Laboratories. He received his PhD in May 1994 from the Katholieke Universiteit  Leuven, Belgium, for his work on wavelet constructions and applications in numerical analysis. Until May 1995 he was a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of South Carolina where he worked with Peter Schroder and Bjorn Jawerth. In his PhD dissertation he introduced the notion of “Second Generation Wavelets,” a generalization of classical wavelets which allows wavelet transforms for irregularly sampled data and data defined on complex geometries. Later he discovered the “Lifting Scheme,” a very general and easy to implement construction of Second Generation Wavelets, which can also be used to introduce wavelets without the use of Fourier analysis. More recently, his work has been concerned with the application of wavelets to computer graphics. He has lectured widely on wavelets and their applications throughout Europe and the United States as well as in two previous SIGGRAPH courses. He is the founder and current editor of the Wavelet Digest, a newsletter on the Internet concerned with wavelets.  


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