“MAPS: multiresolution adaptive parameterization of surfaces” by Lee, Sweldens, Schröder, Cowsar and Dobkin

  • ©Aaron W. F. Lee, Wim Sweldens, Peter Schröder, Lawrence Cowsar, and David P. Dobkin




    MAPS: multiresolution adaptive parameterization of surfaces



    We construct smooth parameterizations of irregular connectivity triangulations of arbitrary genus 2-manifolds. Our algorithm uses hierarchical simplification to efficiently induce a parameterization of the original mesh over a base domain consisting of a small number of triangles. This initial parameterization is further improved through a hierarchical smoothing procedure based on Loop subdivision applied in the parameter domain. Our method supports both fully automatic and user constrained operations. In the latter, we accommodate point and edge constraints to force the alignment of iso-parameter lines with desired features. We show how to use the parameterization for fast, hierarchical subdivision connectivity remeshing with guaranteed error bounds. The remeshing algorithm constructs an adaptively subdivided mesh directly without first resorting to uniform subdivision followed by subsequent sparsification. It thus avoids the exponential cost of the latter. Our parameterizations are also useful for texture mapping and morphing applications, among others.


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