“New Directions in Shape Representations” by Pfister, Rockwood, Frisken, Perry, Gross, et al. …

  • ©Hanspeter Pfister, Alyn P. Rockwood, Sarah F. Frisken, Ronald N. Perry, Markus Gross, Leonard McMillan, Henry Moreton, and Wim Sweldens



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    New Directions in Shape Representations

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    Familiarity with advanced 3D graphics techniques.

    Displaced subdivision surfaces. Digital geometry processing with semi-regular meshes. Surface elements as rendering primitives. Wavelets as volume primitives. Adaptively sampled distance fields. Image-based representations. The course concludes with a panel on the future of alternative shape representations followed by an open discussion with the audience.

    Several recently developed shape representations go beyond conventional surface and volume representations, and offer advantages for compression, transmission, editing, rendering, and complex shapes. In this course, some of the world’s leading computer graphics researchers summarize the state of the art in shape representations and provide detailed information, including pseudo-code, on how to implement the various techniques. The course includes hands-on experience with various applications, including face modeling, sculpting, and 3D scanning of real-life objects.


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