“Brother Printer, Glitches” by Blue Sky Studios

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    Brother Printer, Glitches

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Blue Sky Studios


    Product introduction of a new printer by Brother. The design is unique in that the pare path is a straight line. This is high-lighted in the spot by schematic arrows composited with live action of the printer. The superiority of the new printer is further and more dramatically illustrated by peering into a CGI world inside a competitor’s printer to discover humorously devious creatures called”Glitches,” who presumably reside in run-of-the-mill printers.They wreak havoc and destroy documents.

Additional Contributors:

    Agency: Milton Samuels
    Advertising Producer: Barry Shapiro
    CD/AD: Richard Ellenson
    CD/Copy: Sam Ash
    Blue Sky: Director: Jan Carlé
    Executive Producer: Alison Brown
    Associate Producer: Cindy Brolsma
    Animators: John Kahrs, Peter Carisi, Clifford Bohm
    Lighting: John Kahrs, Maurice Van Swaaii, Carl Ludwig, Hilmar Koch
    Modelers: Tom Bisogno, Peter Carisi, Clifford Bohm, Hilmar Koch
    Technical Director: Sam Richards, Hilmar Koch, Clifford Bohm
    Production Assistant: Jeremy Goldman
    Live Action Director: Barry Shapiro
    Music: Tonal Images, NY
    Editor: Chromavision, NY
    Post-production services: HBO

Animation / Video Overview: