“Excerpts from Panini Stickers” by University of Southern California

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    Excerpts from Panini Stickers

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • University of Southern California


    Panini Stickers, based on the absurdist performance art of [THE], Ed Harkins and Phil Larson, integrates live-action video material, Amiga and Macintosh image processing of old black-and-white films, SGI/Wavefront animation, and Ampex Digital Optics to composite the layers. The final edit was realized using aMacintosh.

Additional Contributors:

    Produced by: Vibeke Sorensen
    Performers: [THE1. Ed Harkins and Phil Larson
    Computer animation and 176 video: Vibeke Sorensen
    Live action direction: Jim Rohrig
    Lighting direction: Miha Vipotnic
    Postproduction assistance: Harry Lee Ammons, Lisa Schoenberg
    Produced at: California Institute of the Arts: University of California, San Diego; San Diego
    Supercomputer Center, ASVL; University of Southern California

Animation / Video Overview: