“Realistic Input for Realistic Images” by Ashdown, DiLaura, Mardaljevic, Rushmeier, Shakespeare, et al. …

  • ©Ian Ashdown, David L. DiLaura, John Mardaljevic, Holly E. Rushmeier, Robert A. Shakespeare, and Gregory J. Ward



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    Realistic Input for Realistic Images

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    Achieving realism in synthetic images requires realistic input data. This course: (a) examines the need for such data and the various models used to represent them, including physically realistic light sources, surface reflectance characteristics, and participating media; (b) reviews the measurement techniques used in light source photometry, daylighting studies, and surface reflectance characteristics; (c) discusses the models within a framework of practical implementation techniques for software developers; and (d) examines their potential for computer graphics users, professional lighting designers, illumination engineers, and architects, with examples from real-world applications.  


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