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    Interactive Creatures

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    SIGKids Interactive Communities



    While the price of animation tools and computers decreases constantly, and the speed and complexity improves with each new version, the process of animating a character with a mouse and computer monitor is still a painstaking problem. The required tasks are mastered by only a few with the patience and skill to decipher tables of numbers and bounding box representations.

    To bypass this problem, Video Bits and Mr. Film Studios combined an Ascension Flock of Birds body suit, a Xist face tracking helmet, proprietary studio animation software, and a Silicon Graphics Onyx Reality Engine2 to create Interactive Creatures. As the participant moves in the suit, the computer software translates the moves and draws a computer graphics character in real time, providing instant feedback and real-time results for recording.

    Contributing Companies:

    Video Bits
    Mr. Film Studios
    Ascension Technologies Corp.
    Vierte Art GmbH
    Systech Corporation
    Silicon Graphics. Inc.
    Visual Interactive Design Inc.

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