“Interactive Cooking Simulator -to understand cooking operation deeply-” by Kato, Hanaoka, Ngoc, Keoki, Mitake, et al. …

  • ©Fumihiro Kato, Yusuke Hanaoka, Tu Nguyen Ngoc, Danial Keoki, Hironori Mitake, Takafumi Aoki, and Shoichi Hasegawa


Entry Number: 15


    Interactive Cooking Simulator -to understand cooking operation deeply-



    We propose “Interactive Cooking Simulator” which provides users with information about physical and chemical reaction state during cooking process. This system helps users to understand theoretical operation using visual information of the physical and chemical changes that occurs during cooking process. We hope to change the traditional way of cooking that replies on speculating indirect sense over food more than robust database. We need to experience various cooking operations and the effects of each one to understand them well. However, we can’t sense the effects of the cooking operations in realtime. For example, temperature inside the food ingredients during cooking can not be seen even with thermography camera. On the other hand, cooking simulator can simulate state inside the food ingredients and can present it to the users. Thus, with this we believe that the users can experience effects of cooking operations and deeply understand cooking.