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    Computer Clubhouse Online Art Gallery

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    SIGKids Interactive Communities




    The Computer Clubhouse at The Computer Museum is a model learning environment where young people explore their own interests and become confident learners. It was developed as a joint project between The Computer Museum and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Laboratory with generous foundation and corporate support.

    The Clubhouse includes a diverse community of mentors and young people from urban communities who work together to explore and create exciting projects using state-of-the-art computers and professional software tools. Mentors are students and professionals in art, music, engineering, education, and a variety of other fields. They are available to answer questions and support exploration by participants. Members range in age from 10 to 18 and represent the diverse communities of Boston. They spend days, weeks, even months working on projects they find personally meaningful. Through their participation, they develop important skills for college and career. The Clubhouse provides unique opportunities for under served youth in Boston, young people who have little or no access to computer technology in their homes or schools. Through advanced computer technologies, they have found new ways to express themselves. For some of them, this is their primary means of artistic expression.

    Featured Artists:

    Jose Cintron
    Israel Cook
    Peter Faria
    Mike Lee
    Deborah Ruiz

    HTML and Graphics Conversion:

    Brian Patrick Lee
    Dan Lottero

    WWW Server Configuration:

    Dan Ellis
    Sam Christy
    George Fiefield

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