“Woman Getting What She Wants” by Pinakava

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    Woman Getting What She Wants

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  • Pixar


    In this spot from the Levi’s 1994 campaign for Jeans for Women, the Levi’s woman is a wooden artist’s mannequin. Undaunted by many past failures, she searches through a box full of decorated balls until she finds the perfect one. The expressive animation portrays enthusiasm, disappointment, surprise, caution, and delightin character without facial features.

Additional Contributors:

    Produced by: Darla Anderson
    Animation/Art Director: Jan Pinakava
    Technical Director: Don Schreiter
    Assistant Producer: Kori Rae
    Creative Director: John Lasseter
    Executive Producer: Darla Anderson
    Technical Contributors: Oren Jacob, Mitch Prater, Cynthia Dueltgen, Keith Gordon
    Animators: Jan Pinkava, Michael Belzer, Andrew Schmidt
    Output: Cynthia Dueltgen
    Sound effects/Music: Music by Tom Meyers, Skywalker Sound
    Video post: Western Images
    Producer: liani Matisse
    Art Director: George Chadwick
    Copywriter: Mimi Cook
    Account Supervisor: Tracy Wheeler
    Client Rep.: Jim Chriss

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