“Balls and Blocks” by Coulter

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    Balls and Blocks


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Coulter Studios


    Balls and Blocks is a simple story of prejudice and cooperation. It is a visual allegory in which the title characters overcome real barriers by working together to open the way for a newcomer. The piece is backed by an African-style percussion performance by members of the San Jose Taiko Group and voice over by a group of fourth graders from Burbank, California.

Additional Contributors:

    Directed and animated by: Allen Coulter
    Music by: the San Jose Taiko Group
    Music Coordinator: Jason Mckenna
    Recording Engineers: Peter Dockendorf and Christopher Becker
    Voices: Sean Coulter, Christine Hedke, Greg Reeves, and Megan Rolfes
    Recording Engineer: Paul Martin
    Foley: Jeff Frickman
    Title animation: Ed Wizelman
    Render support: Will Pickering and Brian Haberlin
    Software support: Hash Incorporated
    Character animation created in Hash Incorporated’s Animation Master
    Special thanks to: John Desveaux

Animation / Video Overview: