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    SIGKids Production Lab

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    SIGKids Interactive Communities


    The SIGKids Production Lab is a sponsored digital broadcast production facility through which young people, artists, and educators demonstrate their works in progress and their mastery of complex digital audio, video, and computer graphics production techniques. The lab emphasizes real-time international network collaboration and the use of computer graphics tools to enhance inter-cultural communication and exchange. Special attention is focused on maximizing interaction among state-of-the art digital video production, motion-capture engineering, digital audio production, and digital networking.

    At SIGGRAPH 95, lab participants produce a daily program for distribution at the Los Angeles Convention Center and throughout the world via GraphicsNet. The SIGKIDS Production Lab is a project of Digital Circus Productions, Inc. and is made possible by:

    American Film Institute
    Autodesk, Inc.
    Microsoft Corporation
    Pacific Bell
    Radius Inc.
    Silicon Graphics, Inc.
    Sony Electronics, Inc.
    Sun Microsystems Computer

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