“Crystal Ball, Sci-fi Channel Station ID” by Bakst

  • ©Edward Bakst





    Crystal Ball, Sci-fi Channel Station ID



    Through the ages, humans have read magical powers into the depths of a crystal ball. Is it all within our minds? Before us, the inner space of the crystal ball awakens. Beautiful bubbles, with a mind of their own, create a wizard. With a puff, his hands form out of crystal, releasing a galaxy of planets. The parlor transforms into Sci-Fi Channel space.

Additional Contributors:

    Client: Sci-fi Channel
    Designer/Director: Edward Bakst
    Sci-Fi Channel:
    Executive Producer: Paula Brown
    Producer: Ken Krupka
    CG Facility: Movida 3d
    CG Animator: Anthony Huerta
    TD: Stephane Simal
    Online Producer: Ben Stassen
    Production Manager: Caroline Van Iseghem
    Sound design: Cliff Schwartz
    Prod., USA.