Craig Reynolds

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Most Recent Affiliation(s):

  • Symbolics Inc.

Other Affiliation(s):

  • Silicon Graphics Computer Systems, Inc
  • Dreamworks Animation SKG, Inc.
  • Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.


  • SIGGRAPH 1995

    Craig Reynolds (SM ’78 MIT, SB ’75 EECS, MIT) is a Member of the Technical Staff at Silicon Studio in Mountain View, California where he designs behavioral systems for autonomous agents in animation and interactive multimedia. His current project at Silicon Studio is the Firewalker multimedia authoring system. He has been previously affiliated with Electronic Arts (1992-94), Symbolics Graphics Division (1982-91), and Information International Inc (“triple-I” 1979-82). He has screen credits on three feature films including TRON (1982) and Batman Returns (1992), and several animated shorts such as Breaking the Ice ( 1987) and Ductile Flow. He has authored research publications in the fields of computer animation and evolutionary computation. His 1987 boids system, a decentralized model of bird flocking, has become a landmark of behavioral animation and Artificial Life research, and has inspired related work in robotics and theoretical biology. Reynolds is a member of ACM and SIGGRAPH.


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