“Games Research: The Science of Interactive Entertainment” by Reynolds, Hecker, Blow, Funge, Green, et al. …

  • ©Craig Reynolds, Chris Hecker, Jonathon Blow, John Funge, Robin Green, and Robert Huebner



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    Games Research: The Science of Interactive Entertainment

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    Basic understanding of the principles of computer graphics and animation. Some knowledge of vector and matrix arithmetic, geometric modeling, shading, and dynamic simulation. 

    Terrain modeling and rendering, progressive meshes, rigid body dynamics, simulation of cloth, intelligent characters, and steering behavior for characters.

    As the computational power of game platforms rapidly increases, software for interactive entertainment becomes more complex. Once, there was a huge gulf between high-end graphics and game content. Now, they are moving toward convergence. This course attempted to build a bridge between computer graphics researchers and the game development research community. It showcased cutting-edge game technology and demonstrated that interactive entertainment is an exciting and important application for future research by the SIGGRAPH community. 


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