“Games Evolving on an Order of Magnitude” by Hall, Walker, Theodore, Sullivan and Lander

  • ©Lyle Hall, Martin Walker, Steve Theodore, Steve Sullivan, and Jeff Lander



Entry Number: 06


    Games Evolving on an Order of Magnitude




    During initial development of PlayStation games, development teams averaged 15 artists, designers, and programmers with three to four technical engineers. For PS2, average project requirements increased to 55 artists, designers, and programmers with a technology team of 20 engineers. Now. for next-generation platforms, developers are seeing asset and team growth of an order of magnitude, but not necessarily the same growth in budgets or timelines. 

    The greatest challenge now for game developers is to create economies of scale and pipeline efficiencies to accommodate project teams that are currently averaging 100-120 artists, designers, and programmers with 30 technical directors, programmers, and engineers. How do these companies address the complexity of programming and increased demands for quality and quantity of art assets to achieve near-life visuals?


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