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  • The Judson Rosebush Company and Inc.


  • SIGGRAPH 1994

    Judson Rosebush is a producer and director of computer animation, an author, and a media theorist. He founded Digital Effects Inc., the company that virtually introduced computer animation to the commercial marketplace. He has directed over 1000 commercials and logos and his feature film credits include Walt Disney’s TRON. In the early 1990s he co-authored and directed television programs on Volume Visualization and HDTV and the Quest for Virtual Reality. He is the co-author of Computer Graphics for Designers and Artists, 2nd edition (Van Nostrand Reinhold) and is now completing a new book, Computer Animation, for the same publisher. He is the author of the serialized Pixel Handbook, the American editor of Pixel Vision magazine, a columnist for CD-ROM Professional, and he has written widely on computer graphics and new media.

    The Judson Rosebush Company is a creative multimedia studio currently producing animation, interactive interfaces, QuickTime movies, and editorial content for computer-controlled laser disk and CD-ROM titles. Rosebush recently completed his first CD-ROM, Isaac Asimov’s The Ultimate Robot, published by Byron Preiss Publications and distributed by Microsoft, and is currently directing a CD-ROM on The Vietnam War that is a joint venture between CBS News and The New York Times, and will be distributed by Apple Computer.  

    SIGGRAPH 1989

    Judson Rosebush is a producer and director of computer animation, an author, and media theorist. His work includes feature film animation, television documentaries, advertising, network TV logos, experimental film, holograms, illustration, and museum exhibitions. Rosebush programmed his first computer graphics film in 1970. In 1978 he founded Digital Effects, the first computer animation company in New York. In 1985 he started Rosebush Visions Corp, where he produces and directs a wide variety of special effects work in film and video and consults on software and facility planning. Rosebush’s credits include work for Nova, Tron, Epcot Center, AT&T, IBM, NBC, CBS; he has been a guest on Innovation and Entertainment Tonight. He is the co-author of Computer Graphics for Designers and Artists, published by Van Nostrand Reinhold Co., and is currently writing a book on Computer Animation.  

    SIGGRAPH 1984

    Judson Rosebush is a founder and president of Digital Effects Inc., New York, and a director of computer animation. He is involved in designing software for visualization as well as for production and operations. He has published extensively, and his work has been seen worldwide.

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