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  • SIGGRAPH 1994

    Steve Langer is a CD-ROM Product Engineer with Disc Manufacturing, Inc. (DMI) in Huntsville, AL. He has earned a Master of Science (1988) and Bachelor of Science (1986) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His responsibilities at DMI include providing CD-ROM application and technical support to sales, marketing, customers, and manufacturing. He has detailed experience in the formatting and conversion of customer input media to the CD-ROM manufacturing process. He is co-author of the DMI professional paper “Compact Disc Terminology”, 2nd Edition.

    Before joining DMI Mr. Langer worked for several years at the IBM Corporation as a UNIX workstation Marketing Specialist. He was responsible for marketing, designing, and technically supporting engineering/scientific and commercial computing systems. Before IBM Mr. Langer worked for Rockwell International as a Propulsion Systems Engineer for the Advanced Launch System. While at Rockwell he co-authored the paper “History in the Making-the Might F-1 Rocket Engine” presented at the AIAA 25th Joint Propulsion Conference.  

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