Ed Kramer

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Most Recent Affiliation(s):

  • Art Institute of Colorado

Other Affiliation(s):

  • CompuGraph Designs/MTI
  • Industrial Light & Magic


  • Denver, Colorado, United States of America


  • SIGGRAPH 2015

    ED KRAMER received his Bachelor of Science degree at Duke University and his Master of Arts in Film Production from the University of Texas, Austin. He has been a professional CGI artist since 1981, working in Hollywood, New York, Atlanta, and for NASA in Houston. In 1992 he helped animate the iconic Columbia Pictures “Lady with a Torch” logo for Kleiser/Walczak Studios, and worked with Douglas Trumbull supervising CGI for one of the Luxor Hotel ridefilms. Hired at ILM in 1994, he became a Sequence Supervisor for the Scarab shots from “The Mummy,” the Rock Monster shots from “Galaxy Quest,” and the Droid Factory shots from “STAR WARS Episode II” among many others. Since 2010, Ed has been an instructor of CGI Lighting, Modeling, Dynamics, and Portfolio Development, first at the Colorado Film School and currently at the Art Institute of Colorado. 

    SIGGRAPH 1987

    Ed Craner received his B.S. degree In Psychology from Duke University and his M.A. in film Production/Animation from the University of Texas at Austin. As a Graduate student in 1979, he used the Physics Department’s computer lab to create 3D vector animation for a local PBS series, and also experimented with both hand-drawn animation and video special effects techniques. After graduate school he moved to Hollywood, where he spent five years doing computer animation exclusively using video as a production medium, and participated in the evolution from analog to digital techniques. At Image West, he was one of the last analog Scanimate programmers, moving to the digital ADO when it was introduced. He then worked as a Via Video paint system animator at American Video Factory, and as a Computer Image SYSTEM IV programmer at Editel/L.A. Moving to New York in 1985, he became Animator/Art Director for Compugraph Designs, where his work currently makes use of two Bosch FGS-4000’s with the Sun Microsystems off-line object modeler, the Quantel Paintbox, the Abekas Digital Disk Recorder, and a full complement of video production hardware. A winner of numerous awards, his animations include work for CINEMAX, CBS Evening News, Ford, ESPN, Lifetime, Merv Griffin and the World Series.  

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