Terrence Masson

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  • Northeastern University

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  • Lucas Digital Ltd
  • Digital Fauxtography, Inc.



    Independent Producer and creative executive, Terrence was both the ACM SIGGRAPH 2006 Computer Animation Festival Chair and 2010 Conference Chair. As an educator he was founding Director of the Creative Industries program and Head of Animation at Northeastern University in Boston, MA and author of the widely acclaimed book “CG 101: A Computer Graphics Industry Reference”. Currently he is Chair of the MFA Computer Arts department at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. He enjoys traveling internationally as an ACM Distinguished Lecturer.

    SIGGRAPH 2014

    TERRENCE MASSON literally wrote the book on Computer Graphics. His “CG: 101” is an industry standard reference work. Terrence has contributed work for “South Park,” Digital Domain, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, and Sony Imageworks, and worked at ILM on films like “Hook,” “Spawn,” “Small Soldiers,” and “STAR WARS Episode I.” He has owned Digital Fauxtography for years, and is a frequent lecturer internationally. Terrence served as Electronic Theater Chair for SIGGRAPH 2006 and Conference Chair for SIGGRAPH 2010. For six years he has been Executive Professor at Northeastern University in Boston, and is Head of the Animation program there.

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