“Artificial Life for Graphics, Animation, Multimedia, and Virtual Reality” by Terzopoulos, Blumberg, Prusinkiewicz, Reynolds and Thalmann

  • ©Demetri Terzopoulos, Bruce Blumberg, Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz, Craig Reynolds, and Daniel Thalmann



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    Artificial Life for Graphics, Animation, Multimedia, and Virtual Reality

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    A basic knowledge of geometric and physics-based modeling for animation and virtual reality. A general awareness of fundamental concepts such as Darwinian evolution, perception, behavior, and reinforcement learning.

    Topics Covered
    Modeling and animation of plants, animals, and humans; behavioral animation; communication and interaction with synthetic characters in virtual worlds; and artificial evolution for graphics and animation.

    This course investigated the increasingly important role that concepts from the emerging field of artificial life are playing in image synthesis, modeling, animation, multimedia, and virtual reality. Attendees were introduced to techniques for modeling and animating objects that are alive. They also explored techniques based on phenomena fundamental to biological organisms, such as evolution, growth, behavior, and biomechanics.


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