“Frutopia Fighting Fruit” by Ramsey

  • ©Greg Ramsey



    Frutopia Fighting Fruit


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Click 3X Construct


    Fighting Fruit is one of nine commercials designed and created by Click 3X for the launch of Frutopia. It was achieved by manipulating live-action footage of fruit using Discreet Logic’s Flame software then rendering in 3D with Softimage to produce theKaleidoscope effect.

Additional Contributors:

    Executive Producer: Hector Maclerod
    Line Producer: Connie Beth Speight
    Production Company: Farenheit Films
    Executive Producer: Bobby Fisher
    Producer: George Fares
    Agency: Chiat Day/NY
    Executive Producer: Andrew Chinich
    Producer: Peter Cline
    Creative Director: Marty Cooke
    Copywriter: Mike Rosen
    CGI and compositing: Click 3X
    Designer/CGI Animator: Bruce Steele
    Flame Editors: Phil Price, Grant Watkins, Tera Petersen

Animation / Video Overview: