“Where Do Cows Go?” by Gavin

  • ©Ed Gavin



    Where Do Cows Go?



    Where Do Cows Go? is a humorous depiction of the relationship between a man and a cow. The animation is accompanied by an original sound-track with spoken and sung narrative. Added text corre-sponds with the narrative, which can be described as thoughtful and heartfelt reflections about a dead cow. The combination of comical images and a serious interpretation of the tongue-in-cheek narrative gives Where Do Cows Go? a quirky sense of ambiguity.

Additional Contributors:

    Concept and animation: Ed Gavin
    Music Composers: Ken Dunleavy, Bill Hunt
    Audio mix: Ed Gavin
    Facility Advisor: Ed Cheetham
    Video/audio support: Philip Chiocchio

Animation / Video Overview: