Dan Brockway

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Most Recent Affiliation(s):

  • Paradigm Simulation


  • Dallas, Texas, United States of America


  • SIGGRAPH 1998

    Dan Brockways manages database development programs at Paradigm Simulation Inc. in Dallas Texas. He received a Bachelors of Environmental Design from Texas A&M University in 1984 where he studied Computer Graphics and Architecture. At Greenhorne & O’Mara in Greenbelt Maryland he developed GIS applications and courses to train engineers in the adaptation of Computer Aided Design technology. He authored “101 User commands” a compendium of utility software published by OnWord Press 1990. He entered the Training and Simulation field at Cambridge Research in 1991 by writing a Gl based image generator for a Ball/MegaTec 944. At SAIC he managed the Advanced Graphics team for the ARPA War Breaker project. There he developed the World Reference Model, an architecture for managing database production in distributed interactive simulation environments. In 1995 he used the World Reference Model as the basis for a course at the IMAGE conference. At SAIC he built databases of Korea and Nellis for the F15 Weapons Tactics Trainer. Now at Paradigm Simulation his primary focus is development of databases designed to meet rigorous customer requirements. He also serves as an advisor to the Synthetic Environment Data Representation and Interchange Specification (SEDRIS) core team.  


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