“VRML: Using 3D to Surf the Web” by Hardenbergh, Bell and Pesce

  • ©Jan C. Hardenbergh, Gavin Alexander Bell, and Mark D. Pesce



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    VRML: Using 3D to Surf the Web

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    This course covers the background, current status and future of VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language). The draft 1.0 specification was published in November 1994 and the final specification will be complete in May 1995. The 1.0 specification is a subset of the Inventor File Format  with extensions for linking 3D graphics into the Web (WWW, or World Wide Web). How to effectively use VRML 1.0 will be covered in detail. Available tools browsers, modelers and converters will be covered. In addition, we will try to gaze into the future to VRML 2.0, which is a semantic placeholder for an interactive multi-user virtual environment spanning the Web, VRMOO.   


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    Charles Babbage Institute Archives, University of Minnesota

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