“Cross-Media Authoring” Moderated by Jeff Martin

  • ©Allejandro Villarroel, Rick Capps, Chris Gulker, and Rick Smolan



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    Cross-Media Authoring




    Today’s world has become very media-centric: multimedia, print media, and now, of course, new media. However, with this panel of authors, entertainers, and publishers, it becomes clear that the message does indeed come before the medium, so content comes before context. The panelists show how messages should not be created for media vehicles in isolation, but rather should “cross the media” from video to print, and CD to online, delivering a core or graphics message in concert. The panel examines several questions: What is this new expertise of cross media authoring? What is the creative and career proposition for its authors? What are the tools or transfer agents for crossing media without compromising quality? How do authors implement a unified design strategy while realizing the unique opportunities of each medium?

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