“Cross-parameterization and compatible remeshing of 3D models” by Kraevoy and Sheffer

  • ©Vladislav Kraevoy and Alla Sheffer




    Cross-parameterization and compatible remeshing of 3D models



    Many geometry processing applications, such as morphing, shape blending, transfer of texture or material properties, and fitting template meshes to scan data, require a bijective mapping between two or more models. This mapping, or cross-parameterization, typically needs to preserve the shape and features of the parameterized models, mapping legs to legs, ears to ears, and so on. Most of the applications also require the models to be represented by compatible meshes, i.e. meshes with identical connectivity, based on the cross-parameterization. In this paper we introduce novel methods for shape preserving cross-parameterization and compatible remeshing. Our cross-parameterization method computes a low-distortion bijective mapping between models that satisfies user prescribed constraints. Using this mapping, the remeshing algorithm preserves the user-defined feature vertex correspondence and the shape correlation between the models. The remeshing algorithm generates output meshes with significantly fewer elements compared to previous techniques, while accurately approximating the input geometry. As demonstrated by the examples, the compatible meshes we construct are ideally suitable for morphing and other geometry processing applications.


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