“Computer Vision for Computer Graphics” by Carlbom, Freeman, Klinker, Lorensen, Szeliski, et al. …

  • ©Ingrid B. Carlbom, William T. Freeman, Gudrun Klinker, William (Bill) E. Lorensen, Richard Szeliski, Demetri Terzopoulos, and Keith Waters



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    Computer Vision for Computer Graphics

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    In recent years, two traditionally separate fields – computer graphics and computer vision – have begun to merge. This course investigates the increasingly important role that computer vision plays in 3D graphics model building, user interfaces, biomedical application, and animation. The course demonstrates how similar computer vision techniques are used in the following diverse areas: (1) 3D shape recovery from geometric and photometric properties; (2) user interfaces based on faces, hands, and gestures; (3) biomedical application, such as 3D serial reconstruction, virtual endoscopes, brain atlases, and the use of computer graphics and computer vision iD the operating room; and (4) 3D modeling from video for animation, and modeling perception for animation of humans and other living creatures.  


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