“Practical 3D User Interface Design” by Robbins, Isaacs, Mathews, Mine, Ormandy, et al. …

  • ©Daniel C. Robbins, Paul Isaacs, Kevin Mathews, Mark R. Mine, Roman Ormandy, and Kevin Smith



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    Practical 3D User Interface Design

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    This full-day course covers principles and techniques for creating 3D user interfaces (3D Uls) for modeling, animation, information visualization, multimedia, and other emerging interactive systems with an emphasis on production quality applications. Speakers will address their design principles and design processes, the choices they made, and the results of their final implementations. We will focus on real-world 3D UI problems and practical solutions. 3D UI design is becoming increasingly important as traditional 2D interface techniques become less and less adequate to tasks presented in complex 3D interactive applications. But 3D UI design is in its infancy and, unlike 2D UI design, has no collection of design guidelines, examples, publications, courses, and programs of study. This course, the first of its kind, will elucidate many of the issues in 3D UI design and present tangible techniques for creating one’s own 3D Uls.  


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