“Monopoly Plastic People” by Lamb & Company

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    Monopoly Plastic People

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  • Lamb & Company


    Plastic People marks the 60th anniversary of Parker Brothers’ legendary board game, Monopoly. While each aspect of the spot reveals exceptional attention to detail, the facial animation is something of a breakthrough in 3D animation techniques. A unique in-house Lamb & Company animation system was used to create the interesting facial movements of the plastic people.

Additional Contributors:

    Produced by: Doron Kauper
    Contributors: Larry Lamb, Mark Mariutto, John Donkin, Kirk Kelley, Gayle Ayers, Keith Cormier, Chris Immroth, Jim Russell, Milton Rodriquez, Jake Parker, Doug Pfieffer, Paul Cammarota, Glenn Batkin, Honey Cohn Elizabeth Holoubek, Scott Sorokin