Issue 108: Scientific Visualization 1995

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SVR Issue No:  108

SVR Issue Title:  Scientific Visualization 1995

Conference:  SIGGRAPH 1995

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  • Issue 108: Scientific Visualization 1995
    1. Cosmic Spectacle: Gravitational Lensing in the Vicinity of a Schwarzschild Black Hole – Chall,
    North Carolina Supercomputing Center, MCNC
    2. Evolution of Black Holes – Bajuk, National Center for Supercomputing Applications
    3. Dwarf Formation – Barnes/Hernquist, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
    4. Computing the Universe: X-ray Clusters in a Cold + Hot Dark Matter Universe – Bryan, National
    Center for Supercomputing Applications
    5. Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 and Planet Jupiter: An Introductory Representation of the Impact –
    Foss, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
    6. Ionospheric Dynamics – Maurits, University of Alaska
    7. The Miami Isopycnic Coordinate Ocean Model – Lee/Sawdey, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
    8. Bering Glacier Surge – Roush, University of Alaska
    9. Ocean Circulation Model: Walleye Pollock Survival – Hermann, University of Alaska
    10. Study of Severe Rainfall Events in Northwestern Peru – Treinish, IBM
    11. Tornado Watch (Run Toto, Run!) – Andrews, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
    12. Computational Steering with VisAD – Hibbard/Paul, Space Science and Engineering Center
    13. TEMPEST: Computer Simulations of Nuclear Waste Processes – Michener, Pacific Northwest
    14. Example of Helix-Helix Packing – Deerfield, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
    15. 3-D Reconstruction of Gastric Efferent Neurons in the Brainstem of the Rat – Ladic, The
    University of British Columbia