At SIGGRAPH 95, the Computer Animation Festival has expanded to three screening rooms at the Los Angeles Convention Center in addition to four showings of the Electronic Theatre at the historic Shrine Auditorium. This year, for the very first time, the general public also has an opportunity to see the Electronic Theatre in a special fifth screening after the SIGGRAPH conference. For the Electronic Theatre, the jury selected about 70 computer-animated pieces from a large collection of international entries. Here computer animation can be viewed under the best conditions in a variety of formats, including 35mm, 70mm motion picture projection, and high-quality video with surround sound multi-channel audio. This year, the Electronic Theatre also features live music accompaniment for the custom opening animation. The original music is performed by Paul Haslinger, formerly of Tangerine Dream and the composer of the opening animation for SIGGRAPH 90. He is joined by Oscar- nominated sound designer, Scott Martin Gershin. At the Computer Animation Festival Screening Rooms, SIGGRAPH 95 attendees can view hundreds of animations in a relaxed environment only a few steps away from the Art Gallery and the Exhibition.

Computer Animation Festival/Electronic Theatre Co-Chairs:

Computer Animation Festival/Electronic Theatre Co-Chairs:

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