Cassidy J. Curtis

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Most Recent Affiliation(s):

  • University of Washington, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Other Affiliation(s):

  • Pacific Data Images (PDI)
  • DreamWorks
  • Google Spotlight Stories, Co-creator


  • SIGGRAPH 2003

    Cassidy Curtis is a character animator at PDI/DreamWorks. He has worked in many other roles at PDI, including character TD (on Shrek), effects animator, and look developer. Prior to that, he worked at Xaos, Inc. and R/Greenberg Associates as an effects developer and animator. He holds a BA in mathematics from Brown University.

    In 1997 and 1998, Curtis taught the group-based interdisciplinary animation course founded by David Salesin at the University of Washington. The course brought together a mix of seniors and graduate students from the departments of art, computer science, music, and architecture, culminating in the short films Whose Hat is That? and The Art of Survival, which Curtis directed.

    Curtis’s other short films include Brick-a-Brac (1995), The New Chair (1998) and Fishing (look developer, 1999). His previous contributions to SIGGRAPH include “Computer- Generated Watercolor” (paper, 1997), “Loose and Sketchy Animation” (sketch, 1998) and “Non-Photorealistic Animation” (course, 1999).

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