“Behind the headset: the making of Google spotlight stories’ “Son of Jaguar”, “Sonaria”, and oculus story studio’s “Dear Angelica”” by Gutiérrez, Eisenmann, Curtis, Bodyfelt, Anderholm, et al. …

  • ©Jorge Gutiérrez, David Eisenmann, Cassidy J. Curtis, Kirk Bodyfelt, John Anderholm, Scot Stafford, Kevin Dart, Camille Cellucci, Theresa Latzko, Saschka Unseld, Maxwell (Max) Planck, Chris Horne, Iñigo Quilez, and Robert Chen




    Behind the headset: the making of Google spotlight stories' "Son of Jaguar", "Sonaria", and oculus story studio's "Dear Angelica"


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    Google Spotlight Stories and Oculus Story Studio


    Three unique VR production teams come together in this high-energy session to discuss their innovative approaches to immersive visuals, audio, and user experience, many of which are being presented publicly for the first time. For “Son of Jaguar,” “Sonaria,” and “Dear Angelica,” brand new tools and production pipelines were created to bring these intricate and immersive stories to life. Google Spotlight Stories, Oculus, and Reel FX will present the techniques and storytelling strategies that have earned them reputations as world leaders in the realm of virtual reality and interactive mediums.

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    A preview of Google Spotlight Stories’ “Son of Jaguar”. In the most important match of his life, the once mighty, masked luchador, “Son of Jaguar”, faces his legacy, his family, and what it means to be a part of something bigger than himself.
    Director: Jorge Gutierrez
    Co-creators: David Eisenmann, Cassidy Curtis, Kirk Bodyfelt, John Anderholm, Reel FX
    Panelists: Jorge Gutierrez – Director, ReelFX
    Cassidy Curtis – Technical Art Lead, Google Spotlight Stories
    A sneak peek at Google Spotlight Stories’ “Sonaria”. Follow two ever-changing creatures as they flow from one life form to another in a vivid journey of sound and light. “Sonaria’s” visual language is simple and abstract, designed to suggest; while the sonic language is layered and immersive, designed to answer.
    Director: Scot Stafford and Chromosphere
    Co-creators: Kevin Dart, Camille Cellucci, Theresa Latzko
    Panelists: Scot Stafford – Director, Composer and Sound Supervisor, Pollen Music Group/ Google Spotlight Stories
    Kevin Dart – Director and Production Designer, Chromosphere
    Theresa Latzko – Technical Art Lead, Chromosphere
    Entirely painted by a single artist’s hand inside of VR using Quill, “Dear Angelica” plays out in a series of memories that unfold around you. The panelists will talk about the unique process, tools and pipeline of making this illustrated VR story. “Dear Angelica” was the last VR immersive short released by Oculus Story Studio before its closure in May 2017.
    Director: Saschka Unseld
    Panelists: Maxwell Planck – Producer and Technical Founder, Oculus Story Studio
    Chris Horne – CG Supervisor, Oculus Story Studio
    Inigo Quilez – VFX Supervisor, Oculus Story Studio
    Robert Chen – FX Lead, Oculus Story Studio VR

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