“Gideon and Smidgeon in Brick-A-Brac” by Curtis

  • ©Cassidy J. Curtis



    Gideon and Smidgeon in Brick-A-Brac


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Pacific Data Images (PDI)


    Two pigeons find harmony through self-abuse. The animation is entirely computer-generated. The motion is completed in 3D and then rendered automatically but lovingly as a gestural drawing. No real paper or ink is used inthe process. Produced with the support of PDI and the RubberBishops.

Additional Contributors:

    Produced by: Pacific Data Images
    Direction and animation: Cassidy Curtis
    Additional animation: Eric Strand
    Sound: David Fent
    Scribble software: Drew Olbrich, Shawn Neely
    Special thanks to: Tim Johnson, Noel McGinn, Eric Darnell, Patty Wooton, Ken Bielenberg, Al Arthur, Cliff Boulé, Rex Grignon, Raman Hui, Michael Collery, Les Hunter, Karen Schneider

Animation / Video Overview: