“Pecos Bill’s Twister From the Disney/Caravan Film Tall Tale” by Sony Pictures Imageworks

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    Pecos Bill's Twister From the Disney/Caravan Film Tall Tale

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  • Sony Pictures Imageworks


    The Twister created for Tall Tale is a combination of stage elements shot in a custom wind tank and many 2D and 3D digital elements. The net effect is a photo-real twister that Pecos Bill lassos and rides up into the clouds.

Additional Contributors:

    Produced by: Mickey McGovern, Scott Anderson
    Contributors: Neil Eskuri, Julia L. Rivas, Adrian ller, Ron Brinkmann, Scott Kilburn, Andrea Losch, Andrea Sholer, Kelvin Lee, Ivo Horvat, David Douglas, Richard Edwards, Deborah Wiltman

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