“Arnie & Birnie” by Novak and Flaherty

  • ©Dave Novak and Eric W. Flaherty  Windlight Studios



    Arnie & Birnie


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Windlight Studios


    Arnie, the blustering, brow-beating dog, is continually out-smarted by a parasitic flea, Birnie. Tired of Birnie using his body as a bed and breakfast, Arnie tries to put an end to Birnie, over and over again. Windlight uses motion capture to block out the overall movement, then animates on top of that data to achieve the more cartoony effects and motion expected of character anima-tion. The result is a hybrid of cartoon gags and subtle human movements


    HARDWARE: Silicon Graphics Flock of Birds



Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Windlight Studios, Inc.
    Creative Director /Writer: Don Bajus
    Technical Directors: Scott Dyer, Eric Flaherty
    Principal animation: Ron Pitts. Joan Staveley
    Lip sync & facial animation: Don Bajus, Evan Olson
    Producer: Pam Lehn
    Additional animation: Don Bajus, Eric Flaherty, Shannon Gilley, Julie Nelson
    Models: Evan Olson, Joan Staveley
    Color & lighting: Dave Novak
    Software: Jeff Faust, Scott Dyer, Eric Flaherty, Rob Mclean
    Sound design: The Echo Boys
    Production assistance: Kelly McManus, Jean Moy
    Motion Capture Technical Director: Eric Flaherty
    Motion Talents: Don Bajus,
    Stephan Geras, Ron Pitts, Joan Staveley
    Proprietary, Alias Power Animator Special thanks: Alias Research

Animation / Video Overview: