“Stargate Excerpts” by Kleiser-Walczak Construction Co.

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    Stargate Excerpts

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Kleiser-Walczak Construction Co.


    These excerpts from the MGM/UA release of Stargate include a computer-generated time travel machine that hovers like a vertically standing meniscus and transports live actors across the galaxy, a series of helmet tranformations accomplished through computer animation, and city vistas and crowds created through digital replication of photographic images.

Additional Contributors:

    Digital visual effects: Kleiser-Walczak Construction
    Company, Inc.
    Digital Visual Effects
    Producers: Jeffrey A. Diamond and Michael Van Himbergen
    Kleiser-Walczak Construction Company, Inc.
    Digital Visual Effects Staff:
    Executive Producer: Jeffrey Kleiser, Diana Walczak
    Digital Effects Supervisor: Jeffrey A. Okun
    Line Producer: Robert O’Haver
    Production Manager: Thomas M. Boland
    Software Development: Frank Vitz
    Technical Supervisor: Derry Frost
    Senior Animators: Ed Kramer, Eileen O’Neill, Jeffrey A. Williams, Mark M. Pompian, Mary Nelson, Michael Rivero, Patsy Frost, Randy Bauer, Art Morel
    Animation Assistansts: Erika Walczak, Joe Hall, Daniel Klem
    Assistant Coordinator: Lorraine “Deedle” Silver
    Roto Artists: Alexander R. Pitt, Meg Freeman
    Data Construction: Steve del George
    Digital Assistance: Nicholas Hoppe, Robin Kristin Francis
    Additional Software: Serge Sretschinsky
    Systems Manager: Bill Besanceney

Animation / Video Overview: