“Pinheads” by Pinkava

  • ©Jan Pinkava  Pixar





Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Pixar


    Reminiscent of 1930’s style graphic poster art, a marching line of pants parades along over a khaki background. We soon discover that our hero is a bit different from the rest and has to make a decision whether or not to join the others

Additional Contributors:

    Produced by: Susan Hamana/Pixar
    Output: Cynthia Dueltgen
    Sound effects/music: Elias Associates
    Animation/ Art Director: Jan Pinkava
    Video post: Western Images FCB/SF
    Technical Director: Oren Jacob
    Producer: Susan Hamana
    Producer: Rob Thomas
    Assistant Producer: Kori Rae
    Art Director: Beth rue Kicki
    Creative Director: John Lasseter
    Copywriter: Mike Koelker
    Executive Producer: Darla Anderson
    Technical Contributors: Larry Aupperle, Keith Gordon, Mitch Prater, Cynthia Dueltgen, Don Schreiter
    Animators: Jan Pinkava, Bob Peterson, Shaun Krause

Animation / Video Overview: