“Jeremy’s Death Hideaway” by Sony Pictures Imageworks

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    Jeremy's Death Hideaway

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Sony Pictures Imageworks


    Jeremy’s Death is a one-minute 45-second depiction of the journey beyond death for an evil, Satan-worshipping serial killer.

Additional Contributors:

    Visual Effects Supervisor: Tim McGovern
    Visual Effects Designer and Art Director: Jon Townley
    Visual Effects Producers: Camille Cellucci, Aileen Timmers
    CG Supervisor and Lead Animator: Jerome Chen
    Supervising Animator: Ron Brinkmann
    Visual Effects Coordinator: Bernice Kenton
    Visual Effects Editor: Jim May
    Dark Being:
    Character Supervisor: Louis Cetorelli
    Character Animation: Tim Miller
    Emation Animation: Mitch Rosefelt
    Light Being:
    Lead Character Animation: Allen Edwards
    Emation/Cocoon Animation: Peter Warner
    Death Sequence:
    Spirit Form Particle Animation: Cliff Brett, Matt Hightower
    SpiritForm Face Animation: Andrea Sholer, Ivo Horvat Hatch
    Death Chamber: Tim Douglas
    Light Being Implosion: Lisa Adamson
    Samantha Vision: Heather Davis
    Tunnel Composition: Juniko Moody

Animation / Video Overview: