“The Visual Human Project” by National Center for Atmospheric Research

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    The Visual Human Project

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  • National Center for Atmospheric Research


    This video showcases visualization techniques applied to the National Library of Medicine’s Visible Human Male Dataset, created by radiological imaging and digital photography of a complete male cadaver at 1mm intervals. The anatomical data, true-color volumetric ren-dering, and future applications are presented

Additional Contributors:

    Produced by: NCAR’s Scientific
    Computing Division Principal Investigators: Victor M. Spitzer, David G. Whitlock,
    Visualization and Production: Karl D. Reinig, Helen L. Pelster, Charles G. Rush, John Clyne, Don Middleton
    Cutters: Timothy J. Butzer, Martha Ann Pelster
    Photography: Jim Heath
    The Visible Human Male Dataset is brought to you by the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Center for Human Simulation, with help from the Visualization and Digital Information Group at the National Center for Atmospheric Research’s Scientific Computing Division. Special thanks to the National Library of Medicine.

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